Awning Canopy, Clear Rain Shelter, Window/Door Canopy Awning, Outdoor Patio Awning Canopy, Patio Rain Canopy for Front Door/Porch Patio Roof, Multiple Size,for Outdoor Front Door Patio (Color : A,


Material: The door awnings exterior is made of high-quality polycarbonate panels, offering excellent temperature resistance. It is designed to withstand various environmental conditions, maintaining stability and performance in temperatures ranging from -40°C to 120°C. Whether it's the cold winter or hot summer, the front door awning provides a comfortable user experience..Protection: The window door awning canopy is a versatile decoration suitable for home porches, front doors, windows, offices, and even camping trailers.door window awnings not only does it add aesthetic appeal to outdoor spaces, but it also effectively protects outdoor appliances from adverse weather conditions and sunlight exposure..Noise Reduction: Compared to glass and acrylic panels of the same thickness, the entrance rain awning offers outstanding sound insulation. When raindrops hit the window house awnings for outside, it effectively blocks rainwater and significantly reduces the noise generated by raindrops hitting the surface. This design keeps the noise level in the environment below 60 decibels (equivalent to the volume of normal conversation), creating a quiet and comfortable home environment for you..Quality: The household door and window awnings feature an elegant curved design, providing structural stability and capable of effortlessly supporting 200 pounds of weight. Its curved design not only enhances aesthetics but also effectively disperses weight, ensuring long-lasting and reliable use. Whether it's residential porches, front doors, or commercial spaces, the front door canopy offers reliable shade and protection..Installation: Place the window rain cover in the installation position and mark the hole positions. Drill holes according to the size of the expansion tube. Ensure the holes are aligned, place washers, and then tighten with screws. If connecting multiple awning for door entrance, install one panel first, apply sealing tape, and check the hole positions of the second panel.



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