CIRCE CARE Portable Travel Bidet with Pressure Pump, No Battery, No squeezing; Mini Eco Handheld Personal Bidet Sprayer; for Camping & Outdoors; Peri Bottle for Postpartum, Hemorrhoid, Perineal Care


CONTINUOUS STREAM AS THAT OF AN ELECTRIC BIDET, WITHOUT BATTERY OR SQUEEZING: Wazoodet Portable Travel Bidet comes with a unique manual pressure pump. Get a continuous pressure spray with a few manual hand pump force. No electricity or battery required. A handy sprayer which is easy to use. No more repeated difficult hand squeezing while cleaning..ERGONOMIC INNOVATIVE DESIGN: Our simple travel bidet is made with high-quality Polycarbonate, shatterproof, rustproof and dishwasher safe (except the pump and lid- due to lubricating parts). With retractable nozzle spray, it is small, discreet, compact, easy to carry, clean and store. Sleek shape with hard bottle which makes it easy to hold firmly and aim. Perfect design fit for single handed use while cleaning. Not flimsy or leaking like the squeeze bottle. Comes with a waterproof carry bag..DITCH THE TOILET PAPER, SAVE MONEY, SAVE ENVIRONMENT: CIRCE CARE hand held sprayer/butt shower is a cleaner, greener alternative to toilet tissue. No USB cables, electricity or battery required. Ideal for travel, camping, hiking. Avoid carrying around and disposing rolls of toilet paper or wet wipes in hiking or camping areas. Practice leave no trace principles. Keeps your behind and conscience clean. Combine with our CIRCE CARE Pee Cloth, you have the ultimate eco-friendly duo..MULTIPLE USES: Portable Automatic Irrigator for rear rinsing. Intimate wash as Peri wash bottles for gynecologic, hemorrhoids, anal fissures, post surgical/ colonoscopy, IBD, ulcerative colitis. Douche Bottle/ Squirt Bottle for post partum cleansing, female period, menstrual cups, pregnancy and perineal care. Compatible for warm/ cold water and medications. Toilet wash for babies, children, women, elderly and disabled. Simple butt wash for home, flight, RV, outdoor camping and hiking..EASY TO USE: Simply fill the hand bidet travel spray up with water, pump until pressured, extend the nozzle, invert bottle, aim and press the button to spray. No hose or attachment needed. Can travel with water reservoir filled, will not leak. Small travel size makes it convenient to carry.



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