VEXIGO Sow Ultrasound Machine, Farm Pig Sheep Ultrasound Pregnancy Testing, Smart Handheld Rechargeable Ultrasound Machine for Pig Sheep


【Waterproof Probe】 The veterinary ultrasound scanner adopts waterproof probe, which can be used in any scenario, easy and convenient to use, and the test results are accurate..【Accurate movement】This veterinary ultrasound scanner adopts accurate movement, stable detection, high sensitivity, high accuracy, clinical trials have proved that the accuracy of the test 30 days after sow mating is 100%. .【Portable Design】 The veterinary ultrasound scanner is designed with a wrist strap, which is small in size and light in weight, easy to carry and use, and easy to clean..【Simple to use】 This veterinary ultrasonic scanner uses sound to separate whether the sow is pregnant or not, once it detects pregnancy, it will emit a compact sound, and if it is not pregnant, it will emit an intermittent sound. It can be operated with one hand, touching the skin with any oil, and no illumination is needed to judge..【Timeframe for testing】18 days and no more than 60 days after breeding, sows should be tested with a veterinary ultrasound scanner.



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