rzoizwko Adjustable Wall Mount Keyboard Tray with Swivel and Sit-Stand Features - Ergonomic Typing Platform for Home Office


High Quality Material: Made of cold-rolled steel plate and aluminum alloy; Durable and sturdy; Not afraid of water or fire; Flat luster with excellent corrosion resistance.Ergonomic: Back tilt keyboard tray keeps your wrist in a neutral position during data entry; Prevents repeated stress injuries while improving comfort and productivity; Combine with arms to create a complete workstation.Wall Mount Keyboard Arm: Arm extends keyboard tray up to 14.7 inches (37.5 cm); Three-axis rotation: 360 horizontally, 360 up and down, 270 left and right; Flexible and adjustable.Easy Installation: Mounts securely to a wall; Hardware included; Two sizes available: 1 arm 20 cm/ load 10 kg standard plate 61x19.5 cm; 2 arm 40 cm/ load 8 kg standard plate 61x19.5 cm.Effective Expansion Space: Mouse tray slides out to left or right, depending on user preference; Ideal for space-constrained spaces-folds to within 3.5 inches (9 cm) of wall in storage position