Cappe Diem Master Graduation Deluxe Hood (Nursing, Social Work, Theology, MBA, M.Ed, M.Sc.) Apricot Salmon Peacock (Salmon-Maroon/Gold)


TAILORED EXCELLENCE FOR MASTER OF PUBLIC HEALTH GRADUATES: Specifically crafted for Master of Public Health graduates, the Salmon Master Hood is more than an accessory—it's a proclamation of success in the field. As you embark on shaping healthier societies, let the salmon hue symbolize the impact and positive change your public health initiatives will bring—a graceful choice for a master of public health..CAPPE DIEM COLOR GUIDE: Choose your velvet and chevron colors with confidence using the Cappe Diem Color Guide. This tool ensures your Cappe Diem Master Hood perfectly mirrors your graduate degree and university colors, allowing you to wear your academic achievements with the precision and pride they deserve..FRONT LOOP ATTACHMENT: The masterful design of Cappe Diem's Master Hood extends beyond aesthetics. The front loop of the hood attaches to the master gown or academic dress ensuring your academic regalia remains in place and impeccable throughout the ceremony. Walk confidently as your regalia stays perfectly in place, allowing you to enjoy the big day stress free..BACK BUTTON & LOOP PROUDLY DISPLAY COLORS: With the meticulously crafted button and loop on the back, your Master Hood properly flares out , offering a precise and proud presentation of your graduation degre and university. Every detail is designed to exude sophistication, making your walk across the stage a moment of unparalleled grace..NEED A MATCHING MASTER GOWN?: Elevate your entire graduation ensemble by pairing the Cappe Diem Master Hood with our matching Cappe Diem Master Graduation Gown. Crafted with the same commitment to sophistication, this duo ensures a seamless and stylish presentation of your academic success. *Sold Separately