180W MPPT Grid Tie Micro Inverter for 12V Solar Panel, Home Use Solar Power System DC to AC Micro Inverter Solar Micro Inversor (GMI-180L-AC110V)


Safety Use: The positive and negative poles of the solar panel cannot be reversed. If you extend the solar panel cable, you need to be careful about this problem. Solar power inverter solar pv micro grid tie inverter grid tie micro inverter home use solar inverter. Protect and extend the life of your electronics, such as flood light, TV, freezer, Laptop, tablet etc..Installation Notes: Install away from direct sunlight and direct rain exposure. Please keep it in a ventilated, dry and cool place. The voltage of the PV panel should not exceed the maximum input voltage of the solar grid tie inverter. (Voc<50V) Multiple panels are connected in parallel or series, and must have the same specifications for voltage and power..High Performance: Our solar inverter provides sustainable energy and brings excellent environmental efficiency. It offers you efficient power transmission rate. gmi grid tie micro inversor solar pv aluminum alloy IP55 multi protection, grid tie micro inverter mppt solar. When emergency, hurricane, storm, snowstorm, and outage..Grid Tie: This device is a grid tie micro inverter. To make it work properly, it must be connected to the grid properly, and the grid works properly, and when the grid stops working, it will also stop generating electricity. Solar micro inversor, grid tie microinverter, solar microinverter, grid micro inverter, dc to ac micro inverter..Main Function: Solar micro inverter is a device that converts solar panels from DC to AC, with a small size and capacity, and is often used in small solar systems. Solar micro inverter grid tie, solar grid tie micro inverter, sine waving inverter with high conversion rate for generation system. We are very confident in the quality of it, and provide warranty or refund for it.



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