NOOLY Sudoku Puzzle Game Toys, Magnetic Sudoku Logical Thinking Games Educational Toys for Kid PW0413 (Logic Game-Jungle Animal)


Made of crystal silica gel and coated paper, safe and long-lasting..The wooden chess pieces with rounded corners will not hurt children's hands when playing..Easy to store and carry.It is suitable for kindergartens, preschool education institutions, etc..Sudoku Puzzle Game Toys assists children in developing important skills such as Independent thinking, logical thinking, mathematical thinking, concentration, observation, and so on..A total of 15 game cards (double-sided question cards), manual*1 and 9 game pieces are included.Game rules: Every row and every column on the question card must meet the requirements of the number of animals on the coordinates. This can train children's logical mathematics, spatial intelligence, introspective intelligence, observation ability and frustration tolerance.



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