Vacplus Toilet Bowl Cleaner Tablets - 50 PACK, Automatic Cleaners with Sustained-Release Technology for Deodorizing & Descaling


EFFICIENTLY CLEAN: Vacplus professional toilet bowl cleaners can efficiently eliminate limescale, rust stains, and other stubborn dirt in water tanks, water pipes, and other parts of toilet bowls with every single flush. Meanwhile, they can also remove foul and pungent odors. Just enjoy the spotless and fresh toilet all the time!.OVER-2-YEAR LIFETIME: With the sustained-release technology, each Vacplus splash toilet cleaner can continuously clean the toilet for up to 15 days (or 20 flushes daily). With a whole set of 50 packs, Vacplus toilet cleaner tablets can keep the toilet bowl clean and fresh for over 25 months. Additionally, the lifetime of each toilet tablet may vary with the frequency of flushes..EASY OPERATION: Vacplus toilet tank cleaner tablets are super easy to use. Simply take out one tablet from the box and drop it into the toilet tank. Then, leave it to dissolve sufficiently for at least 1 hours until the water turns blue before flushing. (Please note that do not remove the water-soluble blue protective film.) It will not cause any damage to septic and the internal parts of the toilet tank..EFFECTIVELY DEODORIZE: In addition to removing different stains, Vacplus toilet fresheners produce no pungent smell but emit a fresh scent when deodorizing the toilet bowl with every flush. It's time to freshen your bathroom time with Vacplus toilet fresheners! Just feel free to use these fresh and safe toilet cleaner tablets..IMPORTANT NOTES: 1) Vacplus toilet tank cleaner tablets can reduce the accumulation of dirt in the toilet but are not replacements for toilet brushes. Thus, please clean the toilet with a brush before the first use to make good use of the product. 2) When the toilet cleaner tablet dissolves completely and the blue water turns transparent, please replace it with a new tablet.



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