Dimora Transparent Film Dressing 50 Packs, Waterproof Adhesive Clear Bandages 4 in x 5 in, Wound Cover for IV Shield, Tattoo Aftercare Bandage(FSA/HSA Approved))


Dimora Transparent Film Dressing is composed of a layer of adhesive transparent polyurethane film and release paper, latex free. Hypoallergenic adhesive minimizes the risk of an allergic response. Film provides gentle and secure fixation. Pre-cut design for easier application.Breathable: Highly breathable to allow skin to breathe and aid wound healing. Strong ductility can be used for flexible joint parts..Waterproof: Excellent waterproof performance is impermeable to liquids brings safe care to wounds, you can showering or swimming as usual.Outdoor use: Individul packed, easy to take outdoor and use as first aid bandage, protect abrasion, cut, scrape, minor burn, or other small wounds, avoid fouling the wound with sweat or dust.Versatile Application: Not only as a medical fixation IV and non-adhesive dressing; but also as baby's belly button protection and tattoo aftercare.Notice:Don't apply tranparent film dressing directly on open wound or wound with too much exduate, use with gauze or non-woven cloth, and peel off the dressing in a correct way to avoid tearing the wound again.



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