Liposomal Palmitoylethanolamide 1000 mg + Luteolin 100 mg, Micronized Pea 99% Highly Purified - Enhanced Absorption and Bioavailability, 60 Softgels(60-Day Supply)


👉Advanced Liposomal Delivery System - Liposomes are tiny, spherical structures that can encapsulate nutrients and protect them from degradation in the digestive system. Palmitoylethanolamide and luteolin are combined in a liposomal form, so they may be more effective at reaching their targets in the body, allowing for more efficient absorption and utilization by the body..👉High Dose 2 in 1 Formula - With 1000 mg of PEA and 100 mg of Luteolin per serving, our palmitoylethanolamide supplement delivers a high concentration of these beneficial compounds for maximum effectiveness. The combination of PEA with luteolin has been shown more efficient than PEA or luteolin alone. Simply take one soft gel daily to enjoy the benefits of PEA and Luteolin..👉Micronized PEA for High Availability - Micronized Palmitoylethanolamide standardized to 99%, reducing the particle size of PEA and improving bioavailability. PEA is synthesized and metabolized in cells through a number of enzymes and provides a multitude of physiological functions related to metabolic homeostasis..👉A Yummy Way To Manage DISCOMFORT - Liposomal PEA is a naturally occurring fatty acid amide that has been shown to have potential benefits for a natural discomfort management system. Luteolin has antioxidant properties that can protect cells from damage. Rosmolo liposomal PEA plus luteolin is a promising supplement with a range of benefits for those looking to help their overall well-being..👉 All-Natural Ingredients - We use only high-quality, natural ingredients in our formula, free from artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives. Plus, our supplement is gluten-free and non-GMO. Manufactured in the USA. Everyone can feel the tremendous benefits of this high-quality complex.



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