Nuova Rade 196666 Storage Case for Fire Extinguisher 2lbs (1kg) with Transparent Door, Fire Extinguisher Cabinet, White (Fire Extinguisher is not Included)


Allows safe and protected storage of a Fire extinguisher in the cockpit or dashboard..This product is impervious to harsh weather, is watertight and offers easy and safe access during emergency situations..A well-made product that offers very precise lid/door closure. Made from UV - resistant White ASA The elimination of metal reduces the chance of personal injuries. No sharp corners. No glass to shatter..Suitable for extinguishers up to 2 lbs.Drawing Dimensions: A: 6.85" (174mm) / B: 16.69" (424mm) / C: 4.72" (120mm) / D: 14.56" (370mm) / E: 4.13" (105mm) / F: 17.08" (434) / G: 7.71" (196mm) / H: 4.88" (124mm) / I: 14.72" (374mm)