Trading Card Binder 9 Pocket – Holds 360 Sports, TCG, MTG, Game, Credit, Coupon, Gift and Business cards – Double-sided sheets – Card Collection Binder makes a Great Card Book


Ultimate Card Protection: The 9 pocket card binder safeguards your cherished card collection, be it Playing, sports, or TCG cards, ensuring they remain in pristine condition, free from wear, tear, and scratches.Spacious and Organized: This 14 x 10" card collection binder boasts 20 double-sided sheets, each featuring 9 pockets perfectly sized for 3" x 4" cards. Enjoy a generous card holding capacity of 360 cards, keeping your collection secure & organized.Premium Build: Crafted from waterproof PU leather, this archival-grade acid-free non-PVC sports card binder guarantees longevity. Crystal clear pockets showcase your cards while protecting them, the sturdy zipper ensures smooth functionality.Elegant Design: The aesthetic appeal of the TCG binder is heightened by its intermediate black material, adding a touch of sophistication to your card display. For added convenience side loading pockets are designed for the ease of collectors.Buy yourself a Sweet Deal: Ideal for personal collections or as a thoughtful gift, the high-quality trading card holder come with a 1-year money-back guarantee. To Secure your cards with confidence; order your Card Binder now!