Umbilical Hernia Belt for men (premium compression pad). Umbilical hernia belt for women: prevention of surgery. Abdominal binder for men - Hernia support belt women (hernia belts): pain relief (L/XL)


MATERIAL. The Belltop hernia belts for men and women are made of cotton, achieving a durable umbilical hernia belt for men and umbilical hernia belt for women with the passage of time, elastic, with thermoregulatory capacity and prevents the accumulation of moisture in the area..DOUBLE THICKNESS PAD. Double thickness pad with concave design. Viscoelastic material indicated to support the abdominal wall. It is attached to the inside of the abdominal binder for men / women (umbilical hernia belt) by means of Velcro (hook & loop)..SUPPORT SYSTEM. The hernia belt for men abdominal for umbilical hernia have support splints that provide compression and support in the affected area. The abdominal hernia belt (umbilical hernia support) with navel reinforcement has 2 lateral support splints that provide containment in the umbilical area..INDICATIONS. The compression belt for stomach is indicated for the following pathologies: umbilical hernia, incisional hernia, epigastric hernia, ventral hernia and inguinal hernia (inguinal hernia belt for men). The use of hernia support for men and compressión belt for women for the abdomen presents clinical efficacy in the strengthening of weakened abdominal muscles..IMMEDIATE PAIN RELIEF. The abdominal belt (belt for umbilical hernia) ensures immediate relief of symptoms. The umbilical hernia belt exerts pressure on the affected area, instantly relieving pain..THE UMBILICAL HERNIA BELT ACCELERATES POST-SURGICAL RECOVERY. The umbilical hernia belt is designed to improve preoperative symptomatology, or as an alternative to surgical treatment. The postoperative hernia support belt / umbilical hernia belt provides support to the stomach muscles and protects the surgical incision area, facilitating your recovery..DISCRETE. The exclusive umbilical hernia support belt for women / men fits inconspicuously over clothing to ensure comfort. Its design conforms to the body without being an inconvenience to wear fitted clothing.



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