Suck UK Transparent Sticky Notes Heart Shaped Post It Notes Aesthetic School Supplies & College Essentials Translucent Sticky Notes For Note Taking Clear Post It Notes Or Page Markers 2.6 x 2.3 x 0.2 inches


Got your 'heart' set on aesthetic stationary? Don't miss Suck UK's transparent heart sticky notes for all your love letters & office romance memos. Fun post its to help even the most hopeless lovers.Waterproof clear sticky notes design allows you to layer each post it note & still view the message underneath. Perfect for scrapbooking supplies or studying essentials for students in need of romance.Study supplies & note taking supplies that won't make you lovesick. Use our colored post it notes for your annotation supplies in school as a fun way to revise. Suitable for both pens & pencils.Organization never seemed so full of love; 100 sheets of sticky tabs makes this the ideal office supplies for women. Remember meetings & deadlines using handy pop up sticky notes on any chosen surface.Get creative with aesthetic sticky notes for journaling supplies or scrapbooking. Annotate your favorite photos using transparent post it notes or add a love note for your partner on a sticky note



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