Multi Color Rainbow Dental Set - 3pcs Basic Dental Instruments Stainless Steel Dental Tooth Pick, Mouth Mirror,Cotton Plier - Dentists Tools Set is Ideal for Personal Use & Pet Friendly


PLAQUE AND TARTAR REMOVER:- Ordinarily you would see some plaque and tartar develop on your teeth which makes it troublesome for you to expel even with toothbrush, dental floss or dental tape or when you endeavor to floss between your braces. You can utilize the Dental tools provided in the Dental Kit to expel the extreme stains, tartar, and debris from your teeth and gum..GIFT AND SHARE:- Exellent as dental hygienist gifts, this would be a stunning present for your Friends, family and friends and family including your pets. Includes two Oral B brushes for personal use and pet friendly. Save money and time with this dental kit that will make life east and save money. This kit is pet friend and keeping you pet teeth clean is a big plus..YOU BECOME THE PROFESSIONAL AT HOME:-That is Right!!! Just the Best 5 Dentist Kit Dental Tools to keep your teeth and gums healthy which prevents bad breath, gum disease or tooth decay. The Dentist Kit Tools which you would be getting in this kit is ALL that you need to promote dental care, teeth whitening and get you that Sparkling Smile..DENTAL INSTRUMENTS:- This special dental kit includes finely crafted High Grade Stainless Steel Anti-Fog Dental Mirror (Mouth Mirror), Dental Pick / Dental Explorer / Dental Probe (Metal toothpick), Tweezer (College Tweezers), Sickle Scaler and Dental Tartar Scaler / Scraper or Tartar Remover..DENTIST PREPARED KIT:- This Dental Kit is Specially Made By the Dentist for Home and Professional use. A Professional knows better what is right for you. Save your Money by using these inexpensive dental tools for cleaning teeth at Home making it feel the same as after a dental appointment.



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