APQ Biohazard Specimen Bags 8 x 10 Inches. Pack of 100 Clear and Red Specimen Biohazard Bag. 3 Wall Waterproof Biohazard Specimen Bag. 2 Mil Thick Durable Biohazard Specimen Transport Bag with Zipper


Ensure Safety. Pack of 100 biohazard bags, measuring 8 x 10 inches, offers a flawless blend of reclosability and tamper-proofing. The clear and red bags boast a prominent "BIOHAZARD" print, making identification a breeze..Unbeatable Quality. These lab bags, crafted from durable 2 mil thick LDPE, are lightweight, stretchy, and resistant to temperature effects, withstanding harsh conditions without leaking or tearing..Smartly Engineered. This biohazard transport bag features a double-wall construction for added durability. The airtight zipper effortlessly opens and closes, guaranteeing a secure, leak-free seal..Unyielding Performance. These biohazard bags maintain shape and offer exceptional strength to securely hold objects. Transparent zipper specimen bags allow convenient content checks without opening..Unleash The Creativity! Harness the power of biohazard bags! Transparent zipper specimen bags are perfect for creative packaging, school screenings, themed parties! Level up a Halloween costume: incorporate a spooky treat bag into the outfit.