Vent Systems 4" Inch Black Plastic Universal Diffuser - Round Adjustable Air Vent - Ceiling Duct Cover - Hot and Cold Air Distribution in Residential and Commercial Buildings


Universal diffusers serve a dual purpose by efficiently distributing conditioned air from the HVAC system to maintain consistent temperature control and air circulation while also effectively removing stale or polluted air depending on the specific air flow settings of the ventilation system they are integrated with..Inner diameter: ø3.9" Inch. Outer valve cover diameter: ø5.9" Inch. Mount collar length: 2.4" Inch..A rotating diffuser valve gives you the ability to precisely control the airflow to create a comfortable environment..Suitable for installation on ceilings or walls in any position. Before installation, ensure that you clean your duct using a damp cloth to remove any debris and dust. Insert the flange into the duct and secure it with sealants, screws or clamp if necessary. Diffuser cover plate can be removed after installation for convenient cleaning access..Manufactured from sturdy and durable ABS plastic in a white finish, this universal air diffuser is a versatile choice, well-suited for an array of settings and applications, including residential, commercial, healthcare facilities, educational institutions, hospitality, and recreational facilities.