Kilaueaus - Wiki Waki Woooo (CD)
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"The Kilaueas are back. 9 years after releasing their last album ""Profesor Volcanova"" (ASM 22) they return with a masterpiece - ""Wiki Waki Woooo"" will redefine surf music worldwide. 16 original compositions by the Kilaueas run the gamut of recent surf rock. Once more they fulfill their self-imposed device ""reverb drenched magmaphonic high energy instrumental surf music"". Track List: Disc: 1 1. Wiki Waki Woooo 2. Vatican Commando 69 3. Wet Girls 4. Hurricane Squad 5. Cosma Ray 6. Meteora 7. The Tremolo Gear Butt 8. Arctic 9. Universal Spy 10. Space Module 11. Planet Olga 12. Taste of Bikini 13. Cafe Bagdad 14. Fireboard 15. Lone Star 16. Surf Demon"