Fein StarLock Carbide 118 Saw Blade for Removal of Tile Grout
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The Starlock Segmented Carbide 118 saw blade is designed for removal of defective tile grout but also functions expertly for cutting slots in plaster, porous concrete and similar construction materials and for cleaning and reworking planked deck joints. The Segmented Carbide 118 saw blade, however, is not suitable for very hard epoxy or cement grouts. As an economical alternative to diamond blades, the Carbide 118 saw blade has a segmented design ideal for working in corners and on edges without over cutting the surrounding material. Featuring the Starlock mounting system, the Segmented Carbide 118 saw blade fits every popular multifunction tool on the market. Even if you don’t own a FEIN oscillating multi-tool, you can affordably upgrade output by choosing a FEIN Starlock blade. FEIN originated the oscillating tool and is proud to offer innovative and durable accessories that achieve ultimate performance.


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