Bedroll Turning Pillow The Silvercrate™ Orthopedic Bedroll Pillow Elderly Anti-Pressure Easy Roller Pillow Bedridden Patient Turning Device (Coffee, Without Straps)


【Premium pillow materials】Elevate the comfort level for bedridden patients with our Orthopedic Bedroll Turning Pillow. Crafted with high-density pearl cotton and waterproof PU material, it offers a luxurious and supportive experience..【Ergonomic U Shaped design】The Silvercrate Orthopedic Bedroll Pillow The turning device adopts U shaped design, easily put the upper part of the knee into the two are grooved slot of the pillow to turn the body over..【Easy to clean】The waterproof and dirt-resistant features of the PU material simplify cleaning, Orthopedic Bedroll Turning Pillow making maintenance a hassle-free task..【Simple to use】Easy to operate andlabor-saving, put the upper part of the knee into the two grooves of the pillow, two armrests at each end, which can be easily pulled to help the elderly/patient turn over..【Wide range of applications】Elderly Anti-Pressure Easy Roller Pillow is suitable for a wide range of individuals, including obese patients, the elderly, pregnant women, stroke patients, and those with limited mobility. It is particularly beneficial for bedridden patients, individuals with lower limb fractures, and those recovering from surgery.



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