Rosetta Stone - Demos & Rare Tracks 1987-1989 - Silver (Vinyl)
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From the vault of UK goth rock trailblazers Rosetta Stone comes this compilation album of hidden gems that showcase the very beginnings of this pioneering act as well as the development of the late-'80s goth rock resurgence!Includes tracks that predate the band's first official release such as an early version of the band that featured a female vocalist as well as raw 4-track recordings not found anywhere else!Available in SILVER vinyl with liner notes by RS frontman Porl King! Track List: Disc: 1 1. Third Enigma (Female Vocalist) 2. Secrets 3. Rosetta 4. Relentless 5. Superstition (Live) 6. Six Before Dawn (Extra Verse) 7. Evolution 8. Chapter and Verse 9. If Only and Sometimes 10. Fatherland (Interment) 11. Fatherland (Disco Mix) 12. Summer Night City 13. Warriors of Genghis Khan