Newentor CO2 Monitor, Indoor Air Quality Meters, Carbon Dioxide Detector with Voice Alert, Large Display CO2 Tester, Temperature Humidity Sensor, Alarm Clock for Home, RV, Grow Tents, 400-5000ppm


🏕️ [High-precision CO2 Sensor]: The CO2 detection adopts the most advanced sensor of Swiss Sensirion's unique PASens technology, and adopts the photoacoustic detection principle to perform accurate and reliable measurements in a wide range of concentration areas and applications..🔔 [Carbon Dioxide Concentration Alerts]: The CO2 concentration alert value can be customized to make our life, work or production environment safer..💧 [Temperature and Humidity Monitor]: Temperature and humidity are closely related to human body, plants or storage environment. This air quality tester has the function of real-time monitoring of temperature and humidity..⏰ [Clock Calendar and Alarm Clock]: This indoor air quality meters can also be used as a daily clock and alarm clock, with multiple functions to make life more convenient..⛺ [Wide Range of Applications]: This CO2 sensor is widely used in agricultural planting, greenhouse vegetables, production warehouses, raw material processing, daily life, computer room, wine cellar, RVs, schools, cafes, etc.



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