Monoprice Cat6A 5ft Blue Patch Cable, UTP, 30AWG, 10G, Pure Bare Copper, Snagless RJ45, SlimRun Series Ethernet Cable
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Monoprice™ SlimRun™Cat6A 30AWG Ethernet CableThinner, Lighter, and Designed for High Performance The Monoprice™ Cat6A Patch Cable, UTP, 30AWG, 10G, Pure Bare Copper, Snagless RJ45, SlimRun Series Ethernet Cable is a remarkable networking solution that combines exceptional performance, space‑saving design, and superior durability. Engineered to meet the demands of high‑density environments such as data centers and telecommunications rooms, this cable offers unparalleled reliability and efficiency. One of the standout features of the Monoprice SlimRun Cat6A cable is its slim and lightweight construction. With a cable diameter that is nearly half the size of a standard Cat6A cable, it provides unparalleled flexibility and ease of routing. This slim design not only simplifies cable management, but also enables you to fit more cables in the same space. By maximizing the utilization of available pathways, the SlimRun Cat6A cable eliminates the need for costly expansions or cable replacements, saving you both time and money. This Ethernet cable is constructed with 100% pure bare copper wire, ensuring optimal performance and data transmission. The use of pure bare copper wire makes it fully compliant with UL Code 444 and National Electrical Code TIA‑568.2‑D fire and safety standards, which mandate the use of pure bare copper wire in communications cables. By adhering to these stringent industry standards, Monoprice guarantees a reliable and secure connection for your networking needs. The Monoprice Cat6A Patch Cable boasts high‑performance capabilities, allowing for speeds of up to 10Gbps. Whether you are streaming high‑definition multimedia content, transferring large files, or engaging in online gaming, this cable ensures a seamless and uninterrupted connection. Experience lightning‑fast data transfer rates and enjoy a smooth online experience, even during bandwidth‑intensive tasks. Designed with convenience in mind, this cable features a snagless and narrow boot design. The snagless design eliminates the risk of the cable getting caught or damaged during installation or removal, providing hassle‑free maintenance and reducing the chances of downtime. The narrow boot design further enhances the cable's flexibility and maneuverability, allowing for easy installation in tight spaces or crowded network cabinets. For added peace of mind, the Monoprice Cat6A Patch Cable comes with a lifetime warranty. This warranty demonstrates Monoprice's commitment to delivering a high‑quality product that meets the demands of professionals and enthusiasts alike. Rest assured that your investment is protected, and in the event of any manufacturing defects or performance issues, Monoprice will promptly replace the cable, ensuring your satisfaction. The Monoprice Cat6A Patch Cable, UTP, 30AWG, 10G, Pure Bare Copper, Snagless RJ45, SlimRun Series Ethernet Cable offers a powerful networking solution with its high‑performance capabilities, space‑saving design, snagless and narrow boot design, and lifetime warranty. Whether you are setting up a data center, expanding your telecommunications room, or simply upgrading your home network, this cable provides the reliability, efficiency, and convenience you need to achieve optimal connectivity. Trust in Monoprice to deliver a superior networking experience that exceeds your expectations. High Performance Thinner and Lighter Snagless and Narrow Boot Design Lifetime Warranty  <



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