Bettomshin 1Pc 16.4Ft(5m) Cable Management Sleeve, 3/8"(10mm) Width PET Grey Cord Protector, Wire Loom Tube Insulated Split Sleeving for USB Cable Power Cord Organizer Video Cable Hider


【Parameter】Length: 5 m / 16.4 Ft; Width: 10 mm / 0.39 inch; Color: Grey; Expandable range: 7-14mm..【Material】Made from Heat-retardant Woven Polymer Material, Perfect solution for pets who chew electrical wires and cords, strong corrosion resistance, excellent flexibility, easy bending, simplify operation, good scalability, resilience and abrasion resistance..【Usage】Sleeving ends can use insulating tape, heat shrink or zip ties. Safety and stability, plug and play..【Advantage】The easy lead wire operation, to have the good elasticity, the flame retardance, the resistance to wear and heat-insulated..【Application】The product surface is smooth, the luster is bright, applies in the computer power line, the acoustic video frequency line, the electric wire electric cable, the holding wire, machine the interconnection wiring.



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