Fielect 5Pcs KSD301 Thermostat 140°C Normally Closed Temperature Control Switch,Adjust Snap Disc Temperature Switch


【Parameter】 - Model:KSD301 ; Material:Bakelite ; Reset method : manual ; Series :KSD301/302 manual reset ; Temperature:140 °C.【Features】 - Contact sensor, speed dynamic type, sensitive and reliable, stable operating temperature, long service life, no arc phenomenon.【Function】- When the temperature reaches 140 degrees Celsius, it is closed and then the switch is opened. It is often used for temperature control or protection of household appliances.【Advantage】 - This temperature control switch is a universal, automatic reset, low-cost, large-capacity, low-current constant temperature sensor.【Application】 - The temperature control switch is mainly used for electric water dispensers, kettles, cabinets, coffee shells, electric irons, clothes dryers, air conditioners, water heaters, rice cookers, heaters, cabinets, etc



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