KitchenAid 30" Single Electric Wall Oven KOSE900HSS
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30" Single Convection Smart Electric Wall Oven with 5 cu. ft. Capacity, Even-Heat™ True Convection Oven, Self-Cleaning Cycle, Cook's Assistant Option, Recipe Guide Mode, and FIT System: Stainless Steel. Provides an extra-large cooking capacity in both ovens that's perfect for large turkeys and roasts. It can even fit multiple dishes at once. Offer you the first-ever collection of oven-powered grills, baking stones, and steamer attachments. Each fits interchangeably into a provided heating element and base pan that connect to the back of the oven cavity. Control the cooking process through the oven's controls or a mobile app to take on classic recipes and new culinary challenges. The base pan, heating element, and grill are shipped with the oven. Gives you control of your oven in or out of the kitchen. Use our mobile app to remotely monitor and control the oven, suggest when it's time to tend the food, or enter your own cooking instructions and save them for next time. Control your oven with simple voice commands through your Google Assistant or an Alexa-enabled device. And download the Yummly® app and search "KitchenAid" to find 90 attachment-ready recipes. Allows true grilling year-round. It minimizes smoke and eliminates the flares common on outdoor grills, and its advanced design heats evenly from edge to edge. The grill fits interchangeably onto the base pan and heating element and connects to a powered hub in the oven, allowing you to control cooking manually or select modes that helpfully suggest when to turn chops or remove scallops. Connect, register or call to get your steamer by mail at no additional cost. It fits interchangeably onto the base pan and heating element and connects to a powered hub in your oven, enabling control through the oven's display so you can precisely steam-cook vegetables. Connect, register or call to get your baking stone by mail at no additional cost. It stone-bakes a large 14" pizza, seared kabobs, or crab cakes right in your oven. The attachment fits interchangeably onto the base pan and heating element and connects to a powered hub in your oven to preheat in half the time of a non-integrated stone3 and alert you when preheating is complete. Features a unique bow-tie design with a heating element and fan that circulates hot air throughout the entire oven, providing consistent temperatures for crisp, flaky baked goods, juicy, well-browned roasts, and flavorful, caramelized vegetables. Helps you get started by giving you a step-by-step tutorial to prepare introductory recipes using each attachment. This mode makes it easy to unlock the system's full potential and expand your culinary horizons. Lets you easily see and select among your oven system's many capabilities. High res 4.5" color display shows video, gives you control of all cooking modes, takes commands from your mobile device, and can add even more capability via Wi-Fi in the future. Helps you explore the abilities of the oven's attachments, convection baking, and sensor cooking by programming them automatically. Simply select "Auto" on the display, then select the food and desired level of cooking. The assistant suggests an optimum time and temperature for best results, then lets you use that recommendation or adjust it. Makes it easier to cook with large or heavy bakeware. Sure-grip handle and smooth roll-out simplify loading and unloading. Rack is designed to hold the attachment base pan securely in place during use, yet allows easy pan insertion and removal. Allows for customization of wall oven installation to match the height of existing cabinets through flexible design elements. Combines the high power and even coverage needed to give you results similar to outdoor grilling. Helps prevent cold spots for even baking by ensuring that the oven cavity - including walls and racks - is heated to the correct temperature right from the start, so all the madeleines in every batch turn out just as you desire. Accurately measures the internal temperature of meats or casseroles and communicates with the oven, so you can control whether your roast beef tenderloin comes out rare, medium rare, or medium without ever having to open the oven door. Uses high temperature to power through soils in the oven cavity, requiring only a quick wipe-down at the end of the cycle so you can get right back to cooking. Energy Rating: 380. Kosher Consumer Friendly: Yes. Capacity: 5 cu. ft. Fuel Type: Electric. Installable Under Cooktop: Yes. Oven Type: Single. Flush Installation Approved: Yes. Handle Material: Metal. Number of Oven Racks: 2. Number of Rack Guides: 6. Connectivity: Nest. Works With: WiFi, App, Remote Access, Voice Controlled. Cooktop Combinations: KCES550, KCES556, KCES956, KCES950, KECC604, KECC607, KECC664, KECC667, KICU509, KICU569, KCGS350, KCGS356, KCGS550, KCGS556, KCGS950, KCGS956, KGCC506, KGCC566. Automatic Shut-Off: Yes. Broiler Location: Top of Oven. Convection Functions: Bake, Broil, and Roast. Delay Clean: Yes


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