Drive Up Super Cleaner Concentrated Degreaser 1 x 1 gal, Multi Surface, Safe Degreaser, Remove Motor Oil from Concrete, Industrial Strength


YOUR MULTI-PURPOSE CLEANER AND DEGREASER - Consumer grade off the shelf degreasers average 10X diluted compared to Drive Up, follow our mix ratios and you will save time and money and gain maximum performance. Pull the trigger and DRIVE UP goes to work, dissolving grease and removing grime, oil, wax, dirt and tar. Super easy. Super fast. Use it at full strength for super cleaning power. Dilute it for everyday messes and you’ve got super value.DRAWS OUT DEEP OIL STAINS FROM CONCRETE AND DRIVEWAYS - DriveUp is convenient and easy to use. Simply pour a small amount of the formula onto any oily or petroleum-based stain to cover it. If the strain is very old, and deep, then you can scrub with a bristle broom, and then allow to dry overnight. The DriveUp formula “drives up” the contamination causing the stain. Spray off and enjoy a stain-free surface.REMOVES EVEN THE DEEPEST OIL OR GREASE STAINS - Removes Oil Stains from Concrete and Asphalt. DriveUp Concentrated Degreaser will pull out concrete oil stains from Concrete & Asphalt. Deep penetrating formula to lift stains from porous flooring surfaces. Effective on oily or petroleum-based stains (transmission fluid, brake fluid, etc.) commonly found on concrete and paver driveways, garage floors, parking lots, and drive-through lanes. Deep penetrating formula.NON-CORROSIVE BIO-DEGRADABLE DEGREASER - Unlike other stain removers that use harmful chemical compounds to attack tough oils and grease stains, DriveUp Concentrated SuperCleaner solves the problem safely and simply. DriveUp does not contain bleach, acid, or other potentially hazardous materials. It is also landscape friendly.ECO-FRIENDLY PRODUCT - DriveUp is made with a unique formula that makes it safe to use without extensive safety precautions. Other cleaners are very dangerous when exposed to bare skin and can cause burns or rashes. DriveUp is a bare hand friendly product and it will not leave the user with any burns should some spill onto their skin



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