SimplyImagine White Glove Box Holder Dispenser - Double Side Loaded Acrylic Rack for Medical, Latex, Rubber, Nitrile, Exam, Disposable Glove Boxes, GLOVES NOT INCLUDED


BOX HOLDER ONLY, GLOVE BOXES NOT INCLUDED.NEW COLORS: Stunning glossy white acrylic material hides the box from public view, adding sophisticated style and color to area. Acrylic is stronger, more impact resistant, safer than glass. Comes with screws and anchors to easily mount to wall, cabinet, tile or flat surface in location convenient to staff. Can be mounted vertically or horizontally, extremely sturdy for long-term use..SIDE LOADING, NOT TOP to BOTTOM: Single individual compartments that load each glove box from the side. Eliminates the need to load each box on top of one another. When a box is empty, simply slide the glove box out and insert new. Unlike the top to bottom glove box holders, there's no wasted time in removing all the glove boxes to get to the empty one!.Each compartment's interior measures 9.95" x 5.25" x 3.3". Tested thoroughly with many of the top bulk glove box brands such as Kirkland and more. Fits various standard size rectangular glove boxes. Meticulously measured for the perfect fit!.USED ANYWHERE: Ideal for medical offices, dental offices, salons, examination rooms, daycare, residences, food service, bars, hotels, schools....nowadays pretty much anywhere and everywhere. Practical and smart for every day use. Declutters and maintains a safe environment.



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