POWERUP The 4.0 F-22 Raptor® Foam Jet Kit. DIY Smartphone-Controlled Plane. Outdoor STEM Kit for Hobbyists, Pilots, & Tinkerers. DIY Project for Kids, Teens & Adults. Licensed by Lockheed Martin®


THE POWERUP 4.0 - Fly the first ever smartphone-controlled F22 Raptor Foam Kit JET! Upgrade your experience from flying paper airplanes to an exciting and ultra-durable Maker Foam airplane! Not yet familiar with the POWERUP RC flying system? This F22 model coupled with the POWERUP 4.0 is a great way to start enjoying this amazing hobby..F22 RAPTOR FOAM RC KIT- This laser-cut foam kit by Flitetest was made for the POWERUP 4.0. It is designed and built to fly in high alpha angles with slow maneuvering similar to the real F22 Raptor jet. Fit for experienced remote-controlled airplane hobbyists and newcomers alike..DIY STEM PROJECT- Included is our Accessory Kit which is used to connect the remote-controlled foam plane to your POWERUP 4.0. Not only does it come with a micro Phillips screwdriver and connectors, but it also has take-off and landing gear! Tinker with your plane or create an entirely new one out of cardboard, balsa wood, or foam..DETAILED VIDEO INSTRUCTIONS- Watch the creator, Josh Bixler, give an interactive walkthrough on building and flying the F22 Raptor Foam Jet. A fun and quick build, the only thing this kit requires is a scotch tape and a curious mind! You can also check out our Youtube for more videos of us flying this kit and many more..MADE IN THE USA- Used under the Lockheed Martin license and created in collaboration with Josh Bixler of FliteTest, this RC foam jet kit is specially designed for the best flight experience.