23andMe+ Premium Membership Bundle - DNA Kit with Personal Genetic Insights Including Health + Ancestry Service Plus 1-Year Access to Exclusive Reports (Before You Buy See Important Test Info Below)


IMPORTANT: There is a lot to consider with genetic testing. Please review important information about Pharmacogenetics*, Carrier Status* and Genetic Health Risk* reports. Before purchasing, review important information at 23andme. com/test-info/pharmacogenetics and 23andme. com/test-info. A portion of your purchase may be eligible for FSA/HSA reimbursement***..PREMIUM REPORTS & FEATURES: Fuel your health journey with ongoing value. 1-year membership with access to 190+ reports and NEW FEATURES Health TracksSM and Health Action Plan - recommendations based on genetic and non-genetic data, including blood test data. Receive personalized genetic reports Powered by 23andMe Research on heart health, anxiety, migraine & more. Learn how your DNA may impact the way your body processes certain medications.** Valid payment method required at kit registration..PLUS FULL HEALTH + ANCESTRY SERVICE: Learn how genetics can influence your chances of developing certain health conditions.* Find out if you’re a carrier for certain inherited conditions.* Get meaningful DNA insights about your well-being and how it can influence certain lifestyle choices..ANCESTRY FEATURES: Dig deeper into your ancestry with the most comprehensive ancestry breakdown. Go back in time with the Ancestry Timeline to gain a clearer picture of where your ancestors lived. Discover your historical relatives from hundred of years ago with Historical Matches℠. Explore your family origins with the Haplogroup feature. Opt-in to DNA Relative Finder to find and connect with people who share your DNA. The automatic Family Tree feature makes it easy to see your DNA relationships..PRIVATE AND PROTECTED: Know that you are in control of your DNA. Discovery should never come at the expense of privacy. Your data is encrypted, protected, and under your control. You decide what you want to learn and what you want to share. Subject to 23andMe’s Terms of Service at 23andme. com/tos and Privacy Statement at 23andme. com/about/privacy.