K9 Select HMR Lignans for Dogs 20mg, 90 Peanut Butter Tablets for Medium Dogs - Norway Spruce Extract Holistic Dog Health - Digestion, & Coat Care - Dog Enhancer for Overall Wellness Lignans for Dogs

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TAILORED DOSAGE FOR MEDIUM BREEDS: Perfectly designed for medium-sized dogs, our 90-tablet bottle delivers a precise 20mg of HMR Lignans per tablet. This ensures tailored and effective support for your dog's specific needs, promoting their optimal health and well-being..PREMIUM NORWEGIAN SPRUCE SOURCE: Extracted from Norwegian Spruce knots.. This potent, high-quality source maximizes benefits for your dog's health, offering effective support for vitality, heart health, digestion, skin and coat condition, immune system strength, and overall well-being..COAT AND HEALTH ENHANCEMENT: Enhance your dog's coat, skin, and overall health with our HMR Lignans. These veterinarian-recommended capsules improve coat shine, skin health, vitality, immunity, and wellness, significantly improving your dog's quality of life..HOLISTIC WELLNESS SUPPORT: These natural supplements are formulated to support and enhance cardiovascular health, ensuring your dog's heart remains strong and healthy. Maintain gastrointestinal balance, promoting both digestive regularity and comfort. Additionally, they have the potential to enhance skin and coat health, leaving your dog with a shiny, lustrous appearance. Additionally, they bolster reproductive health and assist in managing stress-related hormones like cortisol..SUITABLE FOR FIBER-SENSITIVE DOGS: Specifically crafted for dogs with fiber sensitivities, our HMR Lignans offer a gentle yet effective solution. This thoughtful formulation ensures digestive comfort and overall well-being, catering to your dog's unique dietary needs. It's a safe and reliable choice for maintaining the health and happiness of your furry friend, even with specific dietary restrictions.



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