Colorado Cylinder Stoves Mesa Tent Stove Package
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A great heating choice for more compact wall tent designs, the Mesa Tent Stove Package from Colorado Cylinder Stoves provides welcome heat in the backcountry. A perfect stove for 8'x8' or 10'x10' tents, the versatile Mesa delivers heat efficiently and heats water for cooking and drinking. Made of a heavy gauge steel, this cylinder stove holds heat longer (1-3 hours) and gives off lots of radiant heat, warming the tent with less wood or coal. The stove's cylinder shape also allows the stove to expand and contract uniformly, preventing warping. Made of a durable 20-gauge stainless steel, the 1 gallon water tank features welded edges that have been hemmed over for safety and rigidity and an outlet. Stove also features a solid top reinforced underneath with angle iron, a 5" stove pipe hole, stove pipe damper, coal grate, warming tray, mesh spark arrestor, and durable steel legs. Includes five 21" sections of nesting stove pipe. Dimensions: 17"Lx11"Wx10"H (20"H with legs). Weight: 48 lbs. Manufacturer model #: MSP-16101G. Great heating stove choice for compact wall tents Versatile design delivers efficient heat and hot water Cylinder stove made of heavy gauge steel - holds heat longer, delivers radiant heat Durable 20-gauge stainless steel water tank - 1 gallon capacity Solid stove top reinforced underneath with angle iron 5" stove pipe hole Stove pipe damper Includes coal grate, warming tray, and mesh spark arrestor Durable steel legs Five 21" sections of nesting stove pipe