Nature's Generator 1800/1440-Watt Gold PE Generator System, Includes 1 Generator, 1 Solar Panel, 1 Power Transfer Kit
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Enjoy top-notch power with this generator system. Nature's Generator HKNGAUPE 1800/1440-Watt Generator Gold PE System - Includes 1 Generator, 1 Solar Panel, 1 Power Transfer Kit is a great introductory package. Allowing you to start generating and storing your own power, this generator system is simple to navigate. with the addition of the Power Transfer Kit, the generator system lets you power your most needed items without having to disconnect them from their current outlets. Generator system offers built-in 1800W pure sine wave inverter and a 60Ah AGM sealed lead acid battery maintenance-free LCD display on generator system will show you system information such as battery level, output information (over 100-Watts) and charging status Included ports/outlets on front panel: 3 x 120-Volt AC outlets, 2 x USB ports that provide up to 3 Amp of combined power, 1 x 12-Volt DC outlet, 1 x solar input and 1 x wind input Tough generator system back panel includes a built-in 600-Volt/175 Amp expansion port that allows connection of the nature's power pod for extended battery storage and run time Included SmartKey allows you to sync your generator to the Nature's Pulse app by connecting the SmartKey to generator system Panel provides up to 100! of recharge power per hour By installing the power transfer kit and linking up to four circuits from your indoor breaker panel, you will be able to keep your most important items running in case of power loss (common circuits to keep backed up include common areas, lights, garage doors, refrigerators, etc.) Included 50 ft. solar panel cable allows you to successfully connect your Nature's Power Panel to the Nature's Generator creating a convenient, self-sustaining system Provides 720W of run time; recharges at 100W per hour


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