Awesome Aquatic Mulberry Shrimp Leaves Natural Botanical Leaf Food Organic Treat Aquarium Fish Shrimp Terrarium High Protein Vitamin Mineral Fiber Healthy Habitat Environment (Mulberry 20 pk)


20 Pack Awesome Aquatic Natural Mulberry Leaves have a high level of protein, vitamins, minerals and fiber providing a well balanced diet and help reduce molting issues. They are naturally found in the shrimps' environment and habitat..The Mulberry leaf is an excellent alternative food and treat for your freshwater ornamental shrimp. All types of ornamental shrimp will enjoy these like Neocaridina, Caridina, Cherry, Fire, Crystal, Taiwan Bee, Amano, Sulawesi, Rili etc..Sustainably harvested, hand collected, they are an eco friendly and a renewable resource that are 100% organic and safe for all aquarium inhabitants. The leaves are clean, pesticides and fertilizer free and ready for use..The leaves surface supports the growth of a beneficial biofilm that provides additional food sources and helps maintain a stable and healthy environment. They also provide habitat and hides for the shrimp or other inhabitants of your tank or aquarium..Great as a vacation feeder, they will last days to provide a stable food source while you are gone. Awesome Aquatic provides other shrimp items like Dadap & Catappa leaves and bark, Alder and Casuarina cones, Cholla wood and more..Mulberry Leaves can be added directly to your tank. They may take days to sink, boiling or blanching them will make them sink and release tannins based on how long they have boiled. We directly add them to the aquarium, by attaching to a small rock or leaf clip so the sink directly.



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