Nature's Generator Powerhouse Platinum Plus We 7,200 Watt Solar Generator, 100Ah Battery,(8) 410W Panels, Wind Turbine, NGPHPTAW
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The Nature's Generator Powerhouse Platinum Plus WE System consists of The Powerhouse, Eight 410W Power Panels, One Powerhouse Wind Turbine, and One Powerhouse Power Pod that allows you to increase the battery capacity. The Nature's Generator Powerhouse with a maximum power output of 240V/7200Watt can power almost anything. Whether it is 120 Volts or 240 Volts, Powerhouse can single-handedly address all your home power requirements. Nature's Generator Powerhouse is a very high-capacity generator. With a battery capacity of 9600Wh, the Powerhouse will provide your home with power when you need it most. Nature's Generator Powerhouse is a complete home power system that can easily be upgraded with Powerhouse Power Pods, and you can add as many Powerhouse Power Pods as you like to create the perfect home eco-power solution. *Disclaimer: Our solar panels include the necessary connectors and wires but do not include any tools, hardware, etc. We highly recommend having the solar panels professionally installed by a certified installer. INCLUDES: 1 - Powerhouse (with wheels) whole house generator; 1 - AC Power Cord; 1 - Powerhouse Power Pod; 8 - 410W Solar Power Panel; 2 - 50 ft. Solar Power Panel Cable; 1 - Powerhouse Wind Turbine OUTLETS: (2) 120V 30A 3-prong, (1) 240V 30A 4-prong, (2) 120V 20A, (2) 120V 15A, (4) 5V 3A USB-A, (1) 5V USB-C, (2) 12/24V DC 20A 250W, (2) 12V barrel port, (2) 48V barrel port Great for home power standby setup, providing power to the important things when your power goes out Central LCD display shows system information


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