Amazfit Falcon Premium Military Smart Watch, Offline Map Support, Titanium Body, 14 Days Battery Life, Dual-Band & 6 Satellite Positioning, Strength Training, 200m Water-Resistance


AI-POWERED GUIDANCE WITH ZEPP COACH: Smart coaching algorithm that helps you train and recover more scientifically. Workout plans are based on your physical characteristics and exercise experience level, so guidance is tailored to you. It monitors your fatigue level, fitness level, and training status, and adjusts training intensity and rest days to help you avoid over-training..ADVANCED TRAINING SUPPORT: Connect to professional workout devices like heart rate belts and cycling power meters, create customized training templates, streamline workouts with automatic recognition of strength training exercises and 8 sports modes, and get professional lap running data with Track Run mode..TITANIUM UNIBODY & SAPPHIRE GLASS SCREEN: Crafted for action with premium materials, the TC4 titanium unibody is lightweight, high-strength and resistant to corrosion, while the sapphire crystal glass screen has a Mohs hardness rating of 9. The Amazfit Falcon is built for the elite, and those to aspire to be..STRONG & ACCURATE GPS TRACKING: Able to pick up both L1 and L5 GPS signals, the watch's precise dual-band positioning and support for 6 satellite systems can effectively reduce environmental interference from tall trees and high buildings, even in dense areas like cities..OFFLINE MAPS SUPPORT: When you're scheduling an outdoor workout, search the Zepp App for a map of your planned location and download it to the watch. When applied to an outdoor sports mode, your position will be overlapped onto the map and will update in real-time as you move. You can even select a matching imported route file to navigate a certain path on the map..BATTERY POWER AT PEAK PERFORMANCE: The Amazfit Falcon has the endurance to help you crush your goals for up to two weeks on a single charge, thanks to its large-capacity battery that has a 500 mAh rated value..EASY 24/7 HEALTH MONITORING: Make sure you're running at peak performance, by keeping an eye on your heart rate, blood oxygen, and stress level 24 hours a day, as well as your night sleep quality and daytime naps. Also, It supports testing 4 health metrics in one tap.



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