Recess Pickleball Paddles - Fiberglass Surface, Honeycomb Core, Foam Grip - USAPA Approved, Modern Designs


PREMIUM, PROFESSIONAL-GRADE PADDLES: Composite construction with a sturdy fiberglass surface and a honeycomb polypropylene core, Recess pickleball paddles are not just durable but bring the art and finesse of pickleball straight from Austin, TX, ensuring your play is as stylish as it is effective..ENHANCED CONTROL: Our classic pickleball paddles feature a sanded texture surface, allowing players to add that extra spin and precision to every shot – mastering the court with every play..ERGONOMIC GRIP: Experience the difference with our sweat-proof condensed foam grip, identical to those found in the tennis and golf industry. Topped with a custom color faux-leather grip and secured by a custom branded silicone ring, it promises both comfort and longevity..BUILT FOR ADVENTURE: Perfect for spontaneous pickleball games or sun-soaked days, our paddles come with an embroidered canvas cover boasting leather detailing, ensuring your paddle remains pristine, protected, and always ready for the next match..USA PICKLEBALL APPROVED: Recess paddles are not only top-tier in design and functionality but also meet the standards set by the pros, guaranteeing peak performance every time.