ELAC Protek 9 Outlet Smart Surge Protector/Power Conditioner with Quad USB and Bluetooth App


3240 Joules of Protection: The PR-81B absorbs dangerous spikes to help protect your equipment. The PR-81B can handle a spike current of up to 165,000 Amps and up to 6,000 Volts.Status LEDS: The status indicators on the PR-81B let you know when your connected equipment is protected, if the AC outlet the PR-81B is connected to is properly grounded, the correct polarity, and if unsafe voltage is coming from the wall..EMI/RFI Noise Filtering: Reduces unwanted noise from your AC outlet providing clean AC power.Over/Under Voltage Protection: If the incoming voltage to the PR-71S exceeds 135Vac or drops below 95Vac power to all outlets is turned off until the incoming voltage returns to a normal level.Quad USB Ports: Provides up to 2.4 Amps (From each pair) of charging power for your USB devices



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