VestaEco Chamber Machine Vacuum Pouches - Certified Commercially Compostable - Flat and Clear Vacuum Sealer Bags - Great for Food Storage and Sous Vide - 8 x 12 inches - 50 Vacuum Seal Bags Per Box


COMMERCIALLY COMPOSTABLE VACUUM SEALER BAGS - Our food-grade vacuum seal bags are commercially compostable, BPA, lead, and phthalate free. Perfect for food storage, freezing meats, dried foods, storing herbs, or cooking sous vide..NATURE TO NATURE - VestaEco’s vacuum sealer bags for food are one of the first certified compostable vacuum seal bag lines. Our patent-pending formula is environmentally friendly, and sustainable. They are BPI and OK Compost certified for commercial composting, meeting ASTM specifications..EXTENDS FOOD FRESHNESS - Vacuum sealing can preserve food 5 to 6 times longer locking in freshness, flavor, and nutritional value with no freezer burn. The embossed pattern increases suction for maximum freshness..COMPATIBLE WITH CHAMBER VACUUM SEALERS ONLY - Such as VacMaster and Vesta Precision Chamber Vacuum Sealers. Will not work with FoodSaver-type vacuum sealers. A space is provided on precut bags for marking the name of the food and the date of packaging. 8 inches x 12 inches. 50 vacuum seal bags per box..YOUR PARTNER IN THE KITCHEN - We specialize in precision cooking from vacuum sealing, freezing, sous vide, blast chilling, and smoke infusing. Whether you’re preserving seasonal produce or effortlessly cooking restaurant-quality meals at home, Vesta Precision is your partner in the kitchen.



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