Rubber-Cal 36-in W x 72-in L x 0.14-in T Rubber Gym Floor Roll (18-sq ft) in Black | 03-276-36-06
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The Goodyear Rubber Fishbone-Pattern non-slip flooring is an attractive way to prevent slips and protect sensitive subfloors. Made from 100 percent Styrene Butadiene Rubber (SBR), this heavy-duty flooring features a unique fishbone surface pattern of symmetrical, zigzagging grooves. Not only does this design add an aesthetic appeal, but it also scrapes debris from shoes and enhances multidirectional slip-resistance. The design of these traction mats traps dirt in the grooves and provides a raised walking surface to lead moisture away and maintain a reliable place to step. Because they are made of SBR, these anti-skid mats have excellent resistances to impact, abrasion, moisture, temperature, UV rays and ozone. This makes the anti-slip floor ideal for indoor and outdoor applications alike, as the material can withstand year-round weather and most other extreme physical conditions. These heavy-duty mats are the perfect material to safeguard delicate subfloors such as wood and tile. The rubber flooring absorbs movement that could potentially cause damage and prevents it from ever reaching the subfloors. SBR has intense durability and also makes these floor protection mats easy to clean. The material has moderate resistance to mild chemicals, so most common cleaning solutions work well. Strong, caustic chemicals such as bleach should be avoided to extend the life of the material. These rubber mats are 3.5mm thick and lightweight to allow for easy transport and quick DIY installations. With a 3ft width, these large mats are available in 6 different factory-cut lengths to make purchasing the correct amount of material a breeze. This protective floor is easily installed with double-sided carpet tape and works great for both temporary and permanent applications. Rubber-Cal 36-in W x 72-in L x 0.14-in T Rubber Gym Floor Roll (18-sq ft) in Black | 03-276-36-06