Eco-Safety 3'' Rubber Playground Tiles
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If you are looking for a safe playground surfacing option, look no further than This tiles's eco-safety 3" rubber flooring tiles. This pack of 80 gives you enough tiles to cover medium to larger sized areas, as well as the pins required to connect them. They are made of durable eco-friendly recycled tire rubber. The tire rubber material gives these tiles the required durability to handle the presence of both heavy play equipment and high volumes of abrasive foot traffic. Safety is the paramount feature of these interlocking rubber tiles. Each 3" thick mat has been tested and cleared for 84" fall heights according to ASTM F12292-13 specifications. Since the tire rubber that makes these rubber flooring tiles contains weather-resistant EPDM material, these playground surfacing mats are ideal for use on outdoor playgrounds. Thanks to the waffled design on the underside of each tile, they provide a soft and cushioned anti-fatigue surface for both kids and adults to stand on. A unique feature about these interlocking rubber tiles is their attractive speckled color appearance. These aesthetic options will set your playground area apart from all the others. When the eco-safety 3" tiles are installed, they make for a superior playground surface when compared to concrete or asphalt.