One Step 21g Safety Blood Lancets, 50 Count, 21 Gauge 2.2mm Depth Yellow, Single-Use, Gentle Pressure Activated Comfortable Finger Lancing Needle


Pressure Activation: The safety lancets are designed to activate with a specific amount of pressure, ensuring a consistent and reliable puncture each time. This feature eliminates the need for manually cocking or triggering the lancet, making it easier and more convenient to use..21g Gauge: The lancets have a 21g gauge, which refers to the size of the needle. A lower gauge number indicates a larger needle size. A 21g needle size is considered moderate and suitable for a range of applications, including blood glucose testing, cholesterol testing, and other medical procedures..Safety Mechanism: The lancets are equipped with a built-in safety mechanism to prevent accidental needlesticks re-use. After use, the needle retracts back into the lancet, reducing the chance of contact with the user or others..Single-Use: Each lancet is designed for single-use only. The retractable needle feature promotes safe use of the lancet and doesn't allow for the lancet to be re-used again once it has been triggered..Sterile Packaging: The lancets are individually packaged in sterile conditions to maintain their cleanliness and integrity until they are ready to be used. Sterile packaging ensures the lancets are safe for use. The lancets are designed for easy and safe disposal after use. Integrated cap that covers the used needle, preventing accidental re-use and safe disposal.



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