New Hampshire Craftworks The Lovable Jack-O-Lantern - Paint Your Own Halloween Ceramic Keepsake


Measures approx. 3.5" H x 3.75" W..This is an unfinished, DIY paintable ceramic product. This item is made of unglazed, unpainted bisque..Before painting, wipe first with a damp cloth to remove any ceramic dust and allow to dry completely. Since ceramics are porous, after cleaning, spray or paint a base coat of your preferred color over the entire piece..After applying the base coat, paint the piece with thin layers of acrylic paint until it reaches the desired color. After the piece is fully dry, apply a spray glaze (either glossy or flat) over the entire surface to seal the piece and help protect the color..If you prefer, this can be glazed and fired in a kiln to cone 06 instead. To make paint your own ceramics water or outdoor safe, they must be glazed and kiln fired. Paint your own ceramics make a great child's birthday party theme or family fun activity.