Onion Seeds - Superex Yellow - Hybrid -500 Mg Packet ~100 Seeds - Non-GMO, F1 Hybrid - Vegetable Garden
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Onion Seeds - Superex Yellow - Hybrid. Non-GMO. Annual. Allium cepa. Alt names bawang besar, bawang bombay, hom yao, piyaz, rata lunu, sibuyas, tama negi, tsung tau, yang cong. 160 days. SHORT DAY Type Variety. This short day hybrid is good for tropical or sub-tropical areas. The flattened globe has yellow/brown skin and a mild, sweet flavor. Also known grown as Maui Onion," it is early maturing, high yielding, vigorous and tolerant of downy mildew. Short day types are best suited for southern climates, where day length reaches 12-14 hours of sunlight. They are sub-tropical plants that continue to grow through winter and never go totally dormant. Prepare fertile, well-drained soil. Sow seeds in fall and transplant seedlings in January. Keep soil moist and well weeded. Fertilize as needed. Harvest when skins develop and tops have fallen over. Allow the onions to dry in the open air for at least a week. Cut off tops and roots. Air dry 2-3 more days. This will help to seal the onion and avoid spoiling. Onions can be harvested at any stage before full maturity. Use fresh or cooked. Suitable for salad, pickling, stir-fry, sukiyaki, and tempura. ~7500 seeds/ounce."


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