STARTECHWELD 6011 Welding Rod 1/8", E6011 Stick Welding Electrodes 10Lbs with Arc stability E6011 1/8" (1/8" 10 Pound Box)


MATERIAL: Our Welding Electrodes 6011 1/8" are made from high cellulose Potassium coated steel, providing excellent arc stability, increased ductility, and low spatter. These electrodes are perfect for welding applications that require deep penetration and strong arc force..SIZE: The product dimensions of this welding rod are 14" x 4" x 1". This 1/8" size stick welding electrode is designed for convenient handling and greater control and precision during welding applications. These 6011 1/8" electrodes come with 1 pack welding rods 10Ibs and vacuum-sealed packaging.BENEFITS: Our Welding Electrodes 6011 1/8" provide increased ductility, high deposition efficiency, and low spatter. This electrode combines a strong arc force with fast solidification of weld metal, thereby permitting vertical or overhead as well as flat and horizontal welding positions.IDEAL FOR: Welding where poor groove fit-up and rusty or oily steel is present. This electrode is especially suited for home welding setups and can be used as an alternative to E6010. It produces deep penetration joints and can dig through surface contaminants like dirt, paint, and galvanized metals.WELDING POSITION: Our Welding Electrodes 6011 1/8" can be used in all positions, making it flexible for your welding projects. The cellulose flux coating of the electrode is slightly rich in potassium, which helps stabilize the arc, allowing it to be used with both DC and AC power supplies



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