EDIBLE GLITTER HOT PINK: Shimmer/Sparkle/Flakes for Cakes and Cupcakes Decorating/Sprinkles/Shapes/Kosher/Topper and Accent for Desserts (HOT PINK)


GLITTER SPARKLE: For a gorgeous and vivid sparkling accent to your confectionery displays. 100% Flavorless and Non-Toxic..EDIBLE GLITTER: Add shimmer and shine to your project with a bright sheen and elegant, glittery metallic look with a stunning and vivid sparkle..REUSABLE: If you don’t use all of your edible glitter, you can use the jar the glitter comes in for safe storage..EASY TO USE: Whether you are a professional cake artist or a DIY baker, Edible Glitter is easy to use. All you need to do is sprinkle it on!.EDIBLE SHIMMERING GLITTER: to decorate cakes and cupcakes for birthdays and many other celebrations. Edible Shimmer Glitter adds that final shimmering touch to your desert and other food items. It can also be used to distract from imperfections on your food items..USE TO: Decorate your cupcakes, cookies, cakes, cake pops and more....Give your creations an amazing look with these shiny toppings!.READY TO EAT: If you are looking to add sparks and color to your food, you can do it with our glitter safe for consumption..ADD A TOUCH OF SPARKLE TO EVERY DESSERT: Take your baking game to the next level and turn your cakes, cupcakes, and cookies into sparkly, beautiful works of art. With these edible decorative flakes! It is easier than ever; all it takes is a sprinkle!.THIN AND LIGHT WEIGHT: Can be used on or in any food product to add beautiful shimmer to your baking goods. Because of it's thin and flat shape it provides better coverage per Lb when compared to traditional sprinkles. A little bit goes a long way with shimmer flakes!!