Prescott Plastics 0.5" Inch Round Plastic Plug Insert (4 Pack), Black End Cap for Metal Tubing, Fence, Glide Insert for Pipe Post, Chairs and Furniture


HOW TO FIT: Fits 1/2" (.5 inch OUTSIDE diameter) round tubing with INSIDE hole diameters (ID) from 3/8" to 7/16” (.35" to .46") 12-20 gauge.EASY TO INSTALL: Our 1/2" snap in plug is a long-lasting solution for many household or outdoor projects including: Fence/Fence Railing Posts, Gate Rail Post Covers, Trailer Frame End Posts, Pole Pipe Rod Caps, Metal Bike Fittings, and Wrought Iron Steel Finishing Plugs..FLOORING PROTECTION: Prescott Plastics black ribbed plugs prevent scuffs on wood and other natural floors. They provide a protective “glide” for chair tips, bench feet, table legs, bar stools, patio furniture, and other furniture designed for furniture inserts and plugs..PREMIUM QUALITY PLUGS: Our plugs and inserts are designed to hold up in all harsh weather conditions and high traffic areas..MADE IN UK: These Plastic Plugs are specially designed and produced in UK to maintain quality, endurance and durability.