The Ticket Gurus (8) Tickets Rolls of 2000 Each (16,000) Total 50/50 Ticket-(8) Different Colors Shipped


2,000 tickets per roll (8) rolls shipped with each order: (1) Roll Each of Red; Blue; Orange; Purple; White; Green; Pink; Yellow..Each roll is consecutively numbered--Each ticket is 1.75" long and 1" wide--The back of the "ticket" part has a place for Name/Address/City/Phone--Paper is a cardstock quality to maximize performance..All rolls are perforated for easy tearing--Paper is a single color dyed sourse paper made exclusively for these roll tickets--Paper is dyed throughout for added security feature..Great for fundraisers. 50/50 drawing--uses are endless--player keeps "keep this coupon" portion; whereas the "Ticket" portion is placed in the drawing.Made with pride in USA using US materials. Thanks for supporting American businesses!



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