DEXSUR Scalpel Blades Sterile High Carbon Steel Dermablade, 20 Surgical Blades for Dermaplaning, Individually Wrapped Box of 100 Pcs + # 4 Scalpel Handle


SO, SHARP ENOUGH OR NOT ? The perception of sharpness for DEXSUR # 20 rounded blades can be different because depends on how experienced you are with dermaplaning or dermatology. They are very sharp for beginners and maybe not sharp enough for experienced dermatologists. Either way, it works if used correctly..SAVE SOME MONEY-Pack of 100 DEXSUR sterilized scalpel blades #20 help you learn to dermaplane by yourself, and you can safely use it for a lot of small aesthetic procedures: great as a scalpel for callus, podiatry scalpel, dermatology scalpel pedicure, cyst removal blade, blackheads removals, acne scalpel, dissection and suture practice, and more;.WHILE YOUR OTHER DISPOSABLE SCALPEL BLADES # 20 may be too dull, not sharp enough, not sterile, flimsy or difficult to use, DEXSUR brings a HIGH QUALITY CARBON STEEL scaple blade 20 that is SAFE and EASY to use. This means a YOUNGER BRIGHTER face for you and lots of other skin problems solved..A TON OF OTHER USES - mycology, comedones removal, prototyping electronics, model making, wood and clay sculpture, desktop work, small cuts and trimming, biology projects in school and labs, arts and crafts, trimming, gardening, vinyl cuts, wood projects, medical procedures, dissection, suture and surgery practice, scalpel for skin, debridement.A major tool in Dissection and classroom dissecting experimentation i.e. frog, pig dissection and other hobbies, crafts and more. Individually wrapped high carbon steel scalpel blades. 100 blade per box. Sterile.



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