T.R.A.P.- AC- EMP Generator Protection. Inverter or Portable Generator Protection. Lightning, Solar Flare, and EMP Protection. For Home Backup, Emergency, Off Grid. Compact and easy to use.


Easy Installation- The T.R.A.P.-AC plugs into the three-prong AC receptacle of an inverter or portable generator..Designed to guard against very fast transients from any source. This includes radiated energy from a nearby lightning strike or an overhead electromagnetic pulse (EMP)..The T.R.A.P.-AC contains a high-voltage 5,000-watt transient voltage suppression device.Even though the size of the T.R.A.P.-AC is small, the danger to inverters and portable generators from an EMP is the high voltage that is introduced on the cables from E1 and E2. Those transient voltages are extremely brief in time (from nanoseconds to microseconds) and can therefore be suppressed using small devices.